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Fox Valley Medium

As a medium, intuitive consultant and reiki practioner, Lisa provides her clients with connection, enlightenment, guidance and therapeutic energy. 


Let Lisa connect you to your spirit guides and loved ones, offer intuitive advice on your spiritual path, or clear your energy with Reiki and Crystal Healing.

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About Lisa Marie

I practice mediumship for the people that do believe….
those that are open to it are more likely to receive messages. 

I also provide intuitive consulting services to those who feel a strong pull of intuition. I can help them recognize the signs, refine what their intuition is trying to tell them and even direct them to the best modality for receiving messages. There are tools such as meditation, manifesting and journaling that can help refine one’s intuitive abilities. Along my journey, I found a mentor that helped me immensely and I wish we had crossed paths sooner. I want to pay that service forward to help others learn how to use their gift for their greatest good!

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