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My Grandpa died when I was 19 years old. It was the first significant loss in my life and my first experience with grief. A few years later, I moved in with my Grammy to keep her company (and the rent was insanely cheap!). 


My Grammy would occasionally take small trips and be gone for a few days at a time.  Whenever she was gone, and I was home alone, I would get a feeling like someone was there. You know, how you FEEL like someone is there when you all alone, but you KNOW no one is there….and sometimes you even check? 


The longer my Gram was gone, the stronger that feeling would get. I tried ignoring it. After all, once my Gram came home, the feeling went away. I figured I was just feeling lonely. Then, my Gram took a full weeks’ vacation. At about day 4 the feeling was so strong that I decided to tell my Mom about it. I told her how it was really starting to creep me out! My Mom suggested that maybe it was my Grandpa, and that I should talk to him, out loud, and tell him he was scaring me. I am pretty sure I laughed at her, but I also thought, “What have I got to lose by trying?”. So I did it. That night, I had one of the strangest experiences of my life. 


I wasn’t dreaming, but I wasn’t awake, I was in some kind of altered state of consciousness when I saw my Grandpa standing in my bedroom doorway. He didn’t speak, but he walked into my room, pulled the covers up to my chin, and smiled at me. The next morning, I realized that “the feeling” I was getting was in fact my Grandpa! I was so relieved and never felt scared again when I was home alone, as a matter of fact, I felt safe and protected.


It would be another 25 years of experiences, like feeling a hand on my forehead after my Grammy died, smelling flowers in the dead of winter while in my car with no flowers in sight, as well as hearing deceased friends telling me to give messages to their loved ones. 


Of all my experiences, these were the hardest. Our society has not always been very accepting of a “sixth sense”. I was hesitant to share these messages for fear that people would think I was crazy.  I proceeded however, to share these messages, and found that the recipients were not only accepting, but grateful. 


These difficult experiences led me to where I am today, practicing mediumship. I had someone ask me recently, “What is a medium? Do you talk to dead people?” While the answer isn’t quite that simple, I do in fact communicate with dead people, and I am proud of it! Many people don’t believe in mediumship, and I respect their beliefs. I didn’t believe in mediumship until I had these experiences myself. It can be a personal journey of tearing down old belief systems that no longer serve you, and building new ones that do. 



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